about me

Summarized by my friends.

Found in various computer labs and coffee shops around Tuscaloosa, this 90s cartoon character come to life will make you question if it’s possible for you to also subsist on a diet of only peanut M&Ms and coffee.
— Brooke Bailey
Ask her about her hobbies. She’ll never stop talking... Or most likely singing.
— Katie Greco
Emeline slept through the Alabama National Championship game and read a book about advertising during the Iron Bowl. Honestly, she tries to hide it but she’s really just a nerd.
— Alexi Bolton
Once Emeline stole my toaster waffles.
— Kaitlyn Esteppe
Emeline probably won every single high school superlative... and then she probably designed the yearbook.
— Vanessa Suarez
If I had to make a design team with two people and my options were Emeline, Picasso, and Andy Warhol, I would pick Emeline twice.
— Chasen Pridgen
She once spent over eight hours placing individual sprinkles on frosting letters. It was wild.
— Sarah Elegante